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Kamal Companies is a smart technology, value engineer-oriented construction and development firm.

We are not licensed architects or engineers.

We use third-party licensed architects and engineers whenever required or otherwise appropriate, and provide our clients with full transparency as to their involvement in the development process and their payment for these services.

Co-founded 1st Real Estate investment partnership, Le Ciel Partners, defining mission and vision with initial strategy and key milestones for the next few years on how to hit our goals. Two entrepreneurial core co-founders with complementary skills and ownership plan; additional team member bought on with ownership for specific roles.

Committed, skills balanced team with shared vision, values, and attitude. We were able to develop the initial investment strategy and product version, with committed resources, and initial vision branding in place. 5-year milestones with shareholders time and money commitments for the next 3-4 years, with vesting terms put into motion.

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