what exactly is a ‘Smart Home’ ? It is a residence that integrates and uses new technologies for major systems, such as climate control, lighting, or security, and is controlled with a device such as a smartphone, even remotely if desired.

An upgraded and connected home is particularly attractive to younger buyers. Adding the right smart devices can help you move your property quicker while also increasing the value. 

Here are some smart home upgrades we offer to our clients:

  • Automated blinds and curtains

  • Smart lighting

  • Climate control with smart thermostats

  • Built-in speakers with app control

  • Smart locks

  • Smart garage door opener

  • Smart appliances

  • Smart home security system


We are not licensed architects or engineers.

We use third-party licensed architects and engineers whenever required or otherwise appropriate, and provide our clients with full transparency as to their involvement in the development process and their payment for these services.

All photo contents are from past completed projects.